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There's no scientific literature to back this up (surprise, surprise), but Abdur-Rahman and Hutcherson both note that having a bowel movement during anal intercourse isn't common enough to truly worry about. Per mezzo di a sense, your body has natural safeguards against passing a bowel movement during anal sex.

To minimize risk, you can use a latex condom (like this one from Sustain) or polyisoprene condom (which is free of allergens, like the Skyn condom from Lyfestyles) during anal sex with a penis or dildo, unless you can completely sterilize the dildo.

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Having this secret weapon Con your pocket—literally—can interrupt that spiral of fear and anxiety.

Whenever we talk about anal sex, questions about poop inevitably pop up, so it can be helpful to know going Con what you can expect. So first, let’s walk through what actually happens inside your body when you poop. Food starts in your stomach, where it gets broken down.

You can avoid most of these risks by keeping Per mezzo di mind some specific precautions. Here are some of the most important safety tips for anal sex:

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Look for flavored options if you’re put Non attivato by the material’s taste. If you want more coverage than a dental dam provides, try Lorals—stretchy, single-use, latex underwear that are FDA-approved for STI protection. Lorals fit people whose waist and hip measurements fall between 26 and 51 inches—a.k.a. a women’s average size 4 to a women’s size 22 (the company hopes to extend sizing options Per mezzo di the future).

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Otherwise, potentially harmful bacteria can hitch a ride into your vagina and cause all sorts of problems. "There's bacteria here Per the gut that you don't typically find Per mezzo di the vagina, like E. coli, bacteroides, and peptococcus," says Abdur-Rahman. They can cause infections like bacterial vaginosis or even go further up into other parts of your reproductive anatomy like your uterus or fallopian tubes, possibly leading to pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).

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